Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Annunciation

Icon by Dan Paulos

An Angel went from God
To a town called Nazareth
To a woman whose name was Mary.
The angel said to her,
"Rejoice, O highly favored!
For God is with you.
You shall bear a child,
And his name shall be Jesus,
the Chosen One of God Most High."
And Mary said,
"I am the servant of my God.
I live to do God's will.

"My soul proclaims your greatness, O God,
And my spirit rejoices in you.
You have looked with love on your servant here,
And blessed me all my life through!
Great and mighty are you, O Faithful One,
Strong is your kindness evermore,
How you favor the weak and lowly one,
Humbling the proud of heart!

"You have cast the mighty down from their thrones,
And uplifted the humble of heart.
You have filled the hungry with wondrous things,
And left the wealthy no part!
Great and mighty are you, O Holy One,
Strong is your justice, strong your love.
As you promised to Sarah and Abraham,
kindness forevermore!"

Marty Haugen's Annunciation ... I can't find the lyrics online and am quoting from memory, so I hope I got most of it right.

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