Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Homosexual agenda: Buy your car at Carmax

Carmax is a large and growing used car retailer based in the US. They have a unique model: no haggle pricing. Additionally, different salespeople handle the sale and the financing. The used car industry in the US (and probably in most other countries) has a bad reputation. However, Carmax's model removes many of the incentives for unethical behavior on behalf of the sales personnel. Their large scale gives them a huge pricing database, enabling them to price their cars better and lower than competitors, which are usually individual lots. And you can ask for a vehicle in their inventory to be delivered to any US Carmax location.

In addition, the Human Rights Campaign finds that Carmax is friendly to the LGBT community.

CarMax has a nondiscrimination policy in place for recruiting, hiring, training and promoting associates that includes sexual orientation and gender identity. In 2005, CarMax began offering health insurance coverage for domestic partners. CarMax associates are provided training that emphasizes the importance of diversity and its impact on a successful business. This training covers the topic of sexual orientation and all associates are required to complete the training at the start of employment.

The HRC was founded in 1980 and is the largest civil rights organization working to achieve equality for GLBT communities. The Corporate Equality Index was first reported in 2002 and rates companies on a scale from zero to 100 percent. The scoring is calculated by a point system which rates criteria such as diversity training, domestic partner benefits and other nondiscrimination policies as well as respectful advertising toward the GLBT community.

Companies in the US and Europe are increasingly finding that discriminating against certain identity groups is bad for business, deprives them of talent, and is simply the wrong thing to do.

[Conflict of interest disclosure: I own shares of Carmax, so furthering the homosexual agenda by buying your car there will indirectly benefit me.]

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