Monday, November 10, 2008

James Dobson didn't pray hard enough during the election season

From Time Magazine:

James Dobson may be the only Evangelical whose Sunday school teacher apparently never warned him to be careful what he prayed for. Two weeks before Election Day, the Focus on the Family founder chatted with Sarah Palin on his radio show and shared his backup plan for the struggling GOP ticket. He was, Dobson told her, praying for "God's intervention" and that "God's perfect will be done on November the 4th."

An alternative explanation is that God's perfect will was for Barack to win the election.

Obama made significant gains among religious voters of all stripes, as the article discusses. This is striking, given that the Democrats had only recently begun outreach to religious voters. However, Obama still did not win a majority of votes from White Evangelicals, who made up a quarter of voters this year. The article mentions that Obama especially lagged among White Southerners who were Evangelical, hinting at a continuing cultural divide in the US among Whites.

Conservative columnist Janet Porter warned Evangelical voters that they might risk their souls voting for Obama. Some Evangelicals continue to teach very dangerous things, and it really is too bad that their influence is not waning faster.

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