Thursday, August 27, 2009

Scottish Justice Secretary's comments on release of Abdel Basset Ali Megrahi

As many of you know, the Scots released Abdel Basset Ali Megrahi from prison recently. Megrahi was turned over by Libya and convicted of conducting the Lockerbie bombing, although there is now some doubt as to his actual guilt. In any case, the Los Angeles Times has a report on the subject, and a brief quote from the Scottish Justice Secretary, Kenny MacAskill:

"Our beliefs dictate that justice be served but mercy be shown," Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill said. He added that Megrahi "now faces a sentence imposed by a higher power. . . . It is terminal, final and irrevocable. He is going to die."

Whether we agree or disagree with the decision, I hope we all recognize that the Scots are attempting to live up to a core principle of their system.

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