Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nationmaster: Taxation as % of GDP in OECD countries

As the President starts assembling a bipartisan commission to deal with the deficit, and the Republicans continue to live under the misapprehension that cutting taxes will be all it takes to balance the budget, I thought it was instructive to post some international statistics from Nationmaster. My elementary HTML skills mean my table is not as nice as theirs, but the point is clear. Most other OECD countries tax their citizens at higher rates than the U.S. Some countries tax at much higher rates. And the U.S. is the most militaristic country of all those below: we probably spend more than all the others combined on defense and we engaged in one clearly unjust war and a complete boondoggle in the last 10 years (as well as one war that may well be a just one).

Total taxation as % of GDP in OECD Countries

Country Amount
Sweden 54.6%
Denmark 48.8%
Finland 46.9%
Belgium 45.6%
France 45.3%
Austria 43.7%
Italy 42.0%
Netherlands 41.4%
Norway 40.3%
Germany 37.9%
United Kingdom 37.4%
Canada 35.8%
Switzerland 35.7%
New Zealand 35.1%
Australia 31.5%
Ireland 31.1%
United States 29.6%
Japan 27.1%

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