Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A comment on the EFCA and employee satisfaction

Michael D, in a comment on an earlier post, said:

Whether unionization is positive for business, the workforce, or the economy is a conversation best left to someone in a field other than mine. As an I/O Psychologist my interest lies in organizational success through the well-being of employees.

If no other good comes from EFCA, at least it is forcing companies to have an important conversation. In searching for ways to combat unionization, employers are realizing they need engaged employees – who feel communicated to, safe, valued, and a strong commitment to the company. I’ve been hearing a lot of chatter from the legal community about the need for ‘union vulnerability audits’ to ensure a satisfied workplace where unions are viewed unnecessary. Whether or not the EFCA passes I think employees (and organization) will benefit from the discussion.

I presume I/O means industrial/operational.

While I don't like this language about 'union vulnerability audits', I do want to see all companies become engaged workforces - even if their workforce is 'unskilled'.

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