Friday, July 20, 2007

Abbas welcomes freed Palestinian prisoners

From ABC Australia. Pray for all other Palestinian prisoners held by the Israelis, regardless of whether they have "blood on their hands" or not. And pray for Israeli hostages held by the Palestinians, such as CPL Gilad Shalit.

The Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has welcomed more than 250 Palestinans to the West Bank after they were released from prisons in Israel.

Israel has released the prisoners to help strengthen ties with Mr Abbas.

The most well known of the prisoners released, Abdel Rahim Malluh from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine movement, was the first to arrive and was ushered straight in to the President's offices.

He was originally jailed for being a member of a militant group.

He does not have what Israel calls "blood on his hands".

There are thousands more in Israeli prisons, many being held without charge.

Most of those released this morning also belong to the President's Fatah Party, drawing severe criticism from other parties, especially Hamas.

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