Monday, July 02, 2007

Britain's floods are God's judgment on church's homophobia

The floods that have devastated large sections of Great Britain are God's judgment on the immorality and intolerance of senior Church of England bishops.

"This is a strong and definite judgment because the church has been arrogant in going its own way," a bishop said. "We are reaping the consequences of our moral degradation, as well as the environmental damage that we have caused."

The bishop said that people should heed the stories of the Bible, which described the downfall of Sodom as a result of its inhospitality, and the attempt of its men to rape strangers who they should have protected.

He expressed his sympathy for those who have been hit by the weather, but said that the problem with "environmental judgment is that it is indiscriminate".

The West is also being punished for the way that it has exploited poorer nations in its pursuit of economic gain. "It has set up dominant economic structures that are built on greed and that keep other nations in a situation of dependence. The principle of God's judgment on nations that have exploited other nations is all there in the Bible," he said.

He urged people to respond to the latest floods by turning away from a lifestyle of greed to instead live thinking of the consequences of their actions.

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Don't be silly, there is no God