Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Best places to live and the diversity index

Money magazine has a list of the 100 best places in the US to live - a lot of them are small towns. They also give brief stats for cities or large towns in each state. Here's the data for Seattle.

We can see that property is relatively expensive in Seattle, that there are twice as many bars within 15 miles as average for CNN Money's best places (yay!!), that there are more libraries and fewer ski resorts, that the air quality (% of days with air quality index ranked as good) is better than average for the best places ... and that Seattle has a racial diversity index of 151.9. 100 is the national average. The average for the best places to live, as determined by Money magazine, is ... 59.2.


Sammashish, the largest 'best place' in Washington (population of ~40k, vs Seattle's population of ~500k), has an index of 60.2. Saline, Michigan, which is a very charming little town within cycling distance of Ann Arbor, has an index of 31.0.

I leave it to my readers to judge what this means. Keep in mind, this report was focused on smaller towns; I'm not sure if previous years' reports did the same, but that alone biases some of the racial diversity rankings.

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